Caren and I would like to thank you for the great work you and your company Thompson Remodeling did for us both at our previous residence and at our “new” 210 year old home. As I have said to you in the past, your staff does a tremendous job. Your prices are competitive and the quality of your work is exceptional. We have other projects that we would like to discuss with you such as repair and/or reconstruction of the plaster walls and ceiling in our extra bedroom and also leveling and installing a new hardwood floor in that room. We also would like to get an estimate on significantly expanding the blue stone patio/walkway in our backyard and also doing some work in our kitchen

Rich and Caren Balgowan

In the 10 years we have been in our home we have used many contractors. Linda is especially focused on detail and customer service. Without a doubt your workmanship, fair pricing, and calm and reassuring demeanor surpassed what we expected. Both Linda and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is having work done on their home.

Dave Saulnier & Linda Cerritelli

It is my pleasure to submit this letter of recommendation for Thompson Remodeling. My professional relationship with Steven and his crew began late 2010 when I was working as a general contractor to re-build my house. Not a general contractor by trade, I was fortunate to have Steven help me through some key steps. His focus on client service and deep knowledge of his industry/trade served me well. He was always quick to answer a question or provide a solution to my needs. Having Steven available was, and still is a great asset. Steven’s knowledge was so deep that he actually helped me understand the other skilled trade’s responsibilities that are required by state and local building codes. Steven and I have remained friends as both of our careers have evolved. Steven becomes an expert at every level of the product he is representing. He speaks with a passion and enthusiasm that becomes contagious. I have every confidence that he would be an asset to your building project/team. In fact, after a few weeks of working with Steven, I predict you will wonder how you ever worked without Thompson Remodeling.

Steve Gomich

This note is being written on behalf of Steve Thompson of Thompson Remodeling. It serves as a testimonial not only to his outstanding work, but to some significant aspects that we believe completely differentiates him from most other contractors.

  • 1. Most importantly, Steve Thompson is a contractor who means what he says; most specifically and critically, when he says he is going to be there, he is. A pretty basic tenet of business and not a difficult demand, but one that few contractors follow. If he runs into an issue, you are notified well ahead of time to plan your own schedule.
  • 2. He has a great helper and supporting staff. If he is recommending someone in a different or complimentary trade, they are coming with his blessing and trustworthy reference. He takes responsibility, much like a “general contractor” to make sure those “sub contractors” he recommended are there and doing their job up to the level that he expects. We have personally experienced this with his referred painting and tile contractors and could not have been more pleased.
  • 3. Steve collaborates with his customers. While you are interacting with Steve, you know you are working with a master craftsman, but at the same time, a “down to earth” fellow consumer who does not talk above his clients. Additionally, they take the time to explain the details of the work so there are no surprises.
  • 4. Finally, he treats your property as if it’s his own. There are no random tools or materials casually dispersed in your home. If there are multiple days of work, materials are neatly organized and put aside and out of the way. In a phrase, they clean up!
Gary and Patty Bernabe